Become Your Best in the
Workplace and in Life

“Lois listened intently to what was being said as well as the greater meaning of my words. She connected the dots extremely well and offered great insights at the appropriate times. My work and life are more organized now thanks to the coaching with Lois.”

~ T.F.

“Lois has helped me build skills to see myself more clearly. I now understand my strengths and where I need to grow. I can count on Lois to be honest and fair about how I’m doing and what’s supporting my intentions to reach my career goals.”

~ D.W.

“Coaching has helped me look at everyday situations beyond only my point of view. It has helped me figure out great questions to ask and get another perspective on real situations at work.”

~ S.E.

“Coaching made me realize I have more to offer than I thought, and that it’s never too late to grow.”

~ T.G.

“My coach helped me with goal setting and was my accountability partner during the process. She helped me see new possibilities and areas for growth both professionally and personally.”

~ S.V.

“As a business leader, Lois is driven by an unwavering commitment to support people and teams to be their very best. Her zest for life and optimism in business transpires in her dedication to the non-profit and business community. Be it her work supporting fellow business leaders as a facilitator at Aileron or her dedication to supporting fellow couples navigate the world of family and business, her dedication to helping others is clear. You are sure to get positive results through work with Lois.”

~ L.W.

“This training helped us recognize our own personal strengths and weaknesses as well as each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is helping us communicate more clearly so we can accomplish tasks and overcome challenges both personally and professionally.”

~ S. and B.

“You involved everyone attending our summit. What made a difference was your ability to ask deep questions that require thoughtful answers – and you created a safe space for us to speak.”

~ K.E.

“Understanding how to communicate with team members, learning how to give and accept feedback, and practicing discipline in conducting meetings are some of the breakthroughs that have moved us to a healthy culture.
It takes a conscious effort to keep moving your culture in a positive direction – and the results are totally worth the energy and the work!”

~ C.B.

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