Group Coaching

For colleagues facing a roadblock in their working relationship.


Group Coaching with Real Change Business Coaching helps two or more colleagues address and overcome a roadblock in their working relationship that is stifling their performance and negatively affecting the team.


Group Coaching is for co-workers who may be:

  • Experiencing conflict

  • Avoiding each other

  • Treating each other disrespectfully

  • Struggling with competing ideas

  • No longer communicating or collaborating


  • A leader aware of the roadblock will ask the co-workers to meet with one of our certified coaches for one or more group coaching sessions.

  • Your coach will:

  • Lead a one- to two-hour confidential session with both co-workers present

  • Facilitate a healthy conversation between the co-workers so they can determine what is happening and why, and what needs to change

  • Help the co-workers understand each other’s perspective and agree on a way ahead

  • Share with the leader observations about the session

  • Follow-up with the leader, the co-workers or both to learn whether the issue is resolved or another group coaching session is needed

  • Some managers will request two or more group coaching sessions with their coach to ensure the change sticks.

If the co-workers are fully engaged in the process and do the work, they will experience real change.

“Coaching made me realize I have more to offer than I thought, and that it’s never too late to grow.”

~ T.G.

Professional Certified Coaching