Ideal Culture Program

For organizations that need to create an environment where everyone thrives


The Ideal Culture Program from Real Change Business Coaching will help you root out internal problems and build a healthier culture toward your vision of an ideal culture at work.


The Ideal Culture Program is for any organization that wants to follow a systematic approach to continuously improving their culture every day.


  • You will meet with a certified coach to design and map out an Ideal Culture Program suited to the needs of your organization and the way you work.

  • Components of this program may include:

  • A social agreement, selected readings and group discussions

  • Personal operating instructions for team members:

  • DISC and Driving Forces assessments about your personality and your behavior, and debriefs on communication styles (which reveal how and why you do what you do)

  • Energy Leadership Index assessments and debriefs (which reveal your attitude toward yourself, others, your job and the world)

  • Emotional Social Competency Inventory assessments and debriefs (which let you compare how you see yourself with how others see you)

  • Training: Conscious Leadership, Professional Management, Process Development

  • 90-day check-in surveys

  • One-to-one coaching sessions

  • Quarterly employee-to-manager conversations

  • Monthly employee pulse surveys, listening sessions and DISC activities

  • Understanding how your values are impacting your organization

  • Once your Ideal Culture Program launches, your team will live and breathe culture development every day. Continuous improvement will become part of your organization’s DNA.

If everyone does the work, your entire organization will experience real change toward an ideal culture.

“Understanding how to communicate with team members, learning how to give and accept feedback, and practicing discipline in conducting meetings are some of the breakthroughs that have moved us to a healthy culture.
It takes a conscious effort to keep moving your culture in a positive direction – and the results are totally worth the energy and the work!”

~ C.B.

Professional Certified Coaching