Meeting Facilitation & Engagement

For anyone who needs to captivate their event attendees


Meeting Facilitation & Engagement from Real Change Business Coaching will help you host business meetings, conferences and professional events that involve and energize your audiences in new and creative ways so that the learning sticks.


Meeting Facilitation & Engagement is for anyone seeking a facilitator who applies professional coaching techniques to get higher levels of attention, curiosity and participation from every business audience.


  • You will meet one-on-one with a certified coach to discuss the nature of your event, your content, your unique audience and the outcomes you expect.

  • During the event, your coach will:

  • Introduce your guest speakers

  • Manage the agenda to keep your event on schedule

  • Ask questions that motivate your attendees to contribute in both large and small groups

  • Summarize points on the fly to ensure each speaker’s message is conveyed and received with accuracy

  • Many people meet with their coach afterward to discuss what worked well, what needs to change and when to schedule the next event.

If you are open to a fresh approach to meeting facilitation and engagement, you will experience real change at your next business event.

“You involved everyone attending our summit. What made a difference was your ability to ask deep questions that require thoughtful answers – and you created a safe space for us to speak.”

~ K.E.

Professional Certified Coaching