Communication Styles Training

For business owners, partners or teams that want to improve the way they interact


Communication Styles Training from Real Change Business Coaching will help you change how you communicate with your co-owners, partners or team members so your messages are better received and understood at work.


Communication Styles Training is for business owners, partners or teams that:

  • Struggle getting messages across clearly so others can understand and respond

  • Get frustrated with the communication styles of others (sometimes there’s a clash)

  • Need to know from others they work with “how and why do you do what you do?”


  • Before the four-hour training event, you will:

  • Answer questions to complete the online DISC assessment about your personality and your behavior

  • Plan to attend the training event together with your co-owners, partners or team members

  • During the training event, led by a coach certified in DISC and by the International Coach Federation (ICF), you will:

  • Receive your personal DISC reports and review them together with your co-owners, partners or team members

  • Participate in a workshop to get a debrief on the reports, including a deep dive on the behavioral styles and what they mean; how to apply key learnings; general characteristics you need to know about others; and a checklist for communicating

  • Experience real breakthroughs and discover how to adapt to communicate successfully with your co-owners, partners or team members

  • The impact of this training compels many leaders to schedule Communication Styles Training for everyone in the organization.

If you do the work, you will experience real change: You will communicate more effectively, enjoy healthier relationships and improve how you function with others on the job.

“This training helped us recognize our own personal strengths and weaknesses as well as each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is helping us communicate more clearly so we can accomplish tasks and overcome challenges both personally and professionally.”

~ S. and B.

Professional Certified Coaching