Business Coaching Breakthroughs: Why You Need to Stay Curious

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Have you ever felt really stuck? Like some powerful force is stopping you from moving forward?   When we feel like this, it’s often because we have gotten close-minded about a person or a situation. And that is why curiosity is an integral part of our coaching process here at Real Change Business Coaching. Curiosity is one of the positive emotions. The more positive we are, the more optimistic we will be about whatever it is we are facing. And that’s good for our mental health. If we can get som [...]

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What Did You Hire That Latte For?

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I was headed to Indianapolis to visit the family.  I invited my mother and father in law to ride along thinking they too would enjoy seeing their daughter and her family.  They loved the idea, and we agreed to go together.  I remember thinking about how excited I was to go. One of the first things I wanted to do before getting on the highway was to stop at Starbucks to buy a medium skinny latte. I said to myself, "this is a perfect size.  It will last the 2.5-hour drive.  If it is quiet in the c [...]

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Weighing Your Options

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We, humans, tend to notice what is wrong or the things we do not like verses what is going well. For example, when scanning a menu at a restaurant, many people quickly identify with what does not sound tasty to eat before settling in on what to order. It is weird but true. It is quite easy to determine what isn't working well. And sometimes, we can get hung up on what is not working well in our jobs, relationships, and life. When we focus on those things, it can seem as though everything in the [...]

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Cultivating Confidence

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My dad used to own an HVAC business, and when I was a child, he would take me to work with him on service calls. He taught me about the various tools he carried in his toolbox; needle nose pliers, wrenches, crescent wrenches, wire cutters, wire strippers, etc. He also took the time to show me how to use these tools. And what I recall most was three words he said to me when he was watching me learn to do something new; “you got it.” Those three words and the tone in which he spoke them relaxed my [...]

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“Each of us has an invisible bucket. When our bucket is full, we feel great. When our bucket is empty, we feel awful” comes from the book How Full Is Your Bucket? – For Kids written by Tim Rath and Mary Rechmeyer. The book illustrates how the way we show up and treat others either add to someone’s bucket or steal from their bucket. Anyone can be a bucket filler, and it does not cost anything. Being kind is free, and the impacts are priceless. A genuine heartfelt smile goes a long way. Listening [...]

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Ground Hog Day

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I have had the movie Ground Hog Day on my mind.  If you have not seen it, it's about a guy named Phil Connors who wakes up and the day is the same as before.  In the movie, he had 12,395 times, almost 34 years, to get the day right. This movie is much like our own lives. We get up and repeat the same habits, for better or worse, and off we go moving through the day almost on autopilot. We have had the same behaviors for so long that we do not even have to think about them. It is just like walkin [...]

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