I used to wonder why people behaved the way they did. Why didn’t we all address problems and challenges the same way? Why did some need more information; hadn’t I communicated the message? Why would some people love taking a problem head-on and have a high sense of urgency to get things done? Why would some people get frustrated when things didn’t move quickly enough? I was confused and didn’t’ understand.

In 2011 we began focusing on talent development by having everyone complete a DISC behavioral assessment. When I received my report, I did what many people do and concentrated on my weaknesses. Thinking that I should be able to do everything well, I got laser-focused on trying to figure out how to improve. What I learned through that process was that focusing on the weaknesses distracted me from doing what I do best. It distracted me from further developing a natural strength that I brought to the organization. Focusing on my weaknesses set me up to fail.

Consider all the time and energy applied to improve a weakness. What would it look like if you spent all that time and energy focused on your strengths? Analyzing data is not a strength for me, but I know plenty of people who are great at it. Analytical people are passionate about what they do; they love having the opportunity to dive into the data to articulate a story.

Understanding each person’s unique DISC behavioral style has helped us learn to collaborate better. We know each other’s preferred method of communicating. When making changes in the organization, we understand that some people want to know all the details while others want to know when it’s going to happen.  DISC helps each of us appreciate our greatness, allowing us to tap into our human potential, and it helps suspend the judgment of each other.

Using DISC is like someone switching on a light, and everything becomes clear. Focusing on strengths creates an environment for thriving for both the individual and the business. Improving the quality of life on the job also enhances the quality of life at home.

What is your superpower? How do you get to use it? How do you feel when you get to use your superpower? I am proud to be certified in DISC and helping others live to their fullest potential. Reach out to me if you want to learn what your super power is.

Have a great day and stay curious!


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