We, humans, tend to notice what is wrong or the things we do not like verses what is going well. For example, when scanning a menu at a restaurant, many people quickly identify with what does not sound tasty to eat before settling in on what to order. It is weird but true. It is quite easy to determine what isn’t working well.

And sometimes, we can get hung up on what is not working well in our jobs, relationships, and life. When we focus on those things, it can seem as though everything in the world is wrong.

There is a rule in business that can help us get a better picture of our reality. It is the 80/20 rule. I have seen it used to determine where most of the revenue is generated from; 80 percent of revenue comes from the top 20 percent of clients. What if we looked at our lives through the 80/20 rule? Eighty percent of life is going well, and 20 percent are those things we don’t agree with or like.

During a coaching session, a client struggled with an issue that made it feel like everything was wrong. So much so that looking for a new place of employment was an option to consider. I introduced the 80/20 rule to the situation and asked a clarifying question. Do you enjoy 80 percent of what you do? Without hesitation, the answer was yes. The client put the issue at hand in the 20 percent bucket.

By recognizing that 80 percent was going well, the client felt better and was able to deal with an issue that was much smaller than it appeared. The 80/20 rule is a great tool to look at our lives and the situations we find ourselves in.

Stay curious!

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