A friend of mine recently shared a video from Everyone Matters. Everyone Matters is a group that is focused on making our world more loving. The video has made me think about how easy it is to be on auto pilot where I do so many things without even thinking about them. Like writing this post right now; I can use my mind to tell my fingers what to do and yet I rarely think about how amazing it is that I am able to do this. Many of us have a morning routine consisting of taking a shower, fix our hair, brushing our teeth, get dressed, make breakfast with which we do all these things without giving them much thought.

We take so many things for granted like having clean water to drink, to bathe in and use to brush our teeth. I wonder what our lives would be like if we paused to think about all the wonder this world has to offer. When I pause, I find myself in awe quite often these days. I am in awe when I think about all the beauty this world has to offer. Sometimes as I drive my car, I’m in awe of the trees, the sky and the sun; everything that my eyes capture elicits this feeling in me. I am in awe when I think about medicine; how taking one tiny pill can make a person’s heart function better or how a surgeon can take a donor’s organ and place it in another person’s body so he/she can have sight or hear.

We have 2 of the most powerful tools within us – our brain and our curiosity. Combined, that is how medicine is created and that is how organs get transplanted. That is something we should be in awe of.  I am also in awe when I watch my grandchildren and my grown children. I am in awe when I think about how a human is created inside of another human. It’s such a miracle that everything we are as humans was formed inside of another human. We can use our mind and body to create so many wonderful things.

When we approach every day with this mindset, we have better relationships, better health, more happiness and we can create awe. As you go about your day, think about the things you take for granted. Maybe it’s the person sitting next to you. Maybe it’s the place you live with heat and electricity or maybe it’s the clothes on your back. Think about what it takes to make the clothes you wear; how many people it takes to design them, manufacture them, create the thread, create the dye for the thread, ship them to the store, put them on display.  Maybe it’s the car you have and the fact that you can turn a switch and listen to music coming out of a machine and if you don’t like that song you have the option to change it to something different.

Life really is good and fun when we take the time to be in awe of what the universe has to offer us. When will you slow down to appreciate all that life has to offer? How will the world look different to you when you see what the universe has to offer? What will you do with your curiosity and your brain?

Stay curious and have a great week!


Photo by Margo Sokolovskaya