My dad has been on my mind, and I’m curious how he would be handling and approaching what is going on right now with the corona-virus and the stay at home order. Knowing my dad, he would be thinking about people who were already struggling to get by in this world and would be working even harder to help them.

I can remember one time we were driving in separate cars headed to grab breakfast. We stopped at a light, and a man was standing on the corner holding a sign asking for help. My dad called me quickly on my phone and said, make sure you give him some money; be sure to give whatever you can. As he was telling me this, I saw my dad’s hand come out of his window and give money to this man. I followed suit and gave what I had.

People have mixed emotions and thoughts when they see someone standing on a corner, holding a sign asking for help. Some fear that if they give money, the person will use it for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or any other form of a bad habit. Some won’t give because they think things like “it’s your fault where you are; you did it to yourself” or “you should have made better choices.”

What if we took a moment to think about what the person was like as a child? What are all the experiences this person has gone through in their life? We have no way of knowing these things, but I do believe that no child dreamed of being homeless, an addict or alcoholic, dreamed of not being able to take care of themselves. I think no child said, “When I grow up, I want to stand on a corner in dirty clothes, uncleaned and ask for money.”

When you get a minute, ask a child what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them to tell you how you can help. I believe that the more we can help others reach their dreams and live to their fullest potential, the better we all will be.

Who in your circle of influence can use your support? Who could benefit from having you on their side, saying, “I believe in you and your dreams “?

Stay curious and have a great week!