The boy with the glasses in the picture is my grandson, Lincoln. I love seeing the happiness and excitement in his face. It’s clear that he is having a good time and is dancing like no one is watching. He is not worried about what other people are thinking, nor is he standing along the wall wishing he were out there busting a move as Marvin Gaye sings about in his song Got To Give It Up. I’ve had the opportunity to watch Lincoln dance, and it warms my heart to see him doing something he loves.

We’ve probably all heard that term “dance like no one is watching,” and when I look at Lincoln, that is what he is doing. His approach to dancing and doing what he loves causes me to think about how many times we hold ourselves back from doing something that would bring us joy.

So, what is it the thing that gets in our way of trying something new or getting out on the dance floor of life? It is fear and uncertainty of the unknown and fear of rejection. We often think fear is a bad thing, but like all emotions, it can have a positive or negative impact on us. The positive side is that it triggers our fight or flight responses that can protect us from harm. It also increases our sense of awareness. Our fear is there to help us, but sometimes it holds us back. It thinks it’s protecting us, but what it is doing is keeping us small, and it can paralyze us. Yet there can be comfort in staying where we are because at least we know what it is, it’s our routine, and we know what to expect.

The question to examine is, how is your fear impacting you? Is it protecting you from harm, or is it protecting you from the unknown? How is it impacting your relationships, your career and other areas of your life? What is something you want to do, but your letting your fear hold you back from trying? And how will you ever know until you try? I took a job for a short period, and it didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, and that’s OK. I learned a lot from it. Stepping thru our fears allows us to grow and to be stronger than we ever thought we could be. It also brings us joy.

Where might your fear be holding you back? When did you want to dance but didn’t because of fear? I’m glad Lincoln doesn’t let fear get in the way of busting a move on the dance floor.  When do you want to give it up?

Have a great week and stay curious!


Photo by Christy Elrich