My dad used to own an HVAC business, and when I was a child, he would take me to work with him on service calls. He taught me about the various tools he carried in his toolbox; needle nose pliers, wrenches, crescent wrenches, wire cutters, wire strippers, etc.

He also took the time to show me how to use these tools. And what I recall most was three words he said to me when he was watching me learn to do something new; “you got it.” Those three words and the tone in which he spoke them relaxed my fears and built my confidence.  He spoke with a soft, slow, comforting voice and had a reassuring look.

Little did I know back then the power that those three words would have on me. Not only did they reduce my fears and build my confidence, but they also let me know that he believed in me. He believed in my ability to accomplish what I was doing. Every time he used those three words, he was planting seeds of confidence.

How do you cultivate confidence?

Stay curious and have a great week!